The best arranged and most enjoyable ‘mountain climbing’ in Norway!

With a view of the sea

Almost at the seafront at Sundsvoll, the ascent to Ravnfloget begins, a rugged mountain that has mostly been a playground for ravens and sea eagles. First a path with bumps, small stairs and bridges before you reach the Vegatrappa. The famous staircase is built of wood with good steps, close to 2000 pieces, and railings. There are picnic areas and unique artistic animal figures along the way and the views are strikingly beautiful all the way. At the top there is a gapahuk and spectacular views of the sea, islets, islands and the Vegaøyan World Heritage Site.

Norwegian broadcaster, NRK Nordland, has visited Vegatrappa and made a videoreport about Vegas’ best uphill.

Follow them on their trip here:

NRK in Vegatrappa

On the way to the top