Climbing Via Ferrata

Base Camp Vega works closely with Ravnfloget Via Ferrata and handles the bookings of the climbing tours in the popular climbing trail in Ravnfloget at Sundsvoll.

Concentration on the Nepal Bridge

Two climbing trails have been built up to the top of mountain Ravnfloget – Green Trail and Red Trail (formerly Black Trail). The Green one is approx. 510 m, and the Red one is approx. 550 m and has a higher degree of difficulty. To climb the Red one you must have good climbing experience. In the middle of the rock wall, the trails meet and turn into a Nepal bridge, before you reach the top of Ravnfloget. There you can enjoy both spectacular views and your own feeling of mastery.

Read more about the spectacular climbing trails at! You can also order climbing there, but it can be done directly by clicking on the order buttons below.

Mastery of the mountain wall
Fantastic surroundings

Booking of climbing tours

Click on the booking buttons below to book a ticket in the climbing groups that starts at fixed times. All climbing in Ravnfloget Via Ferrata takes place with a guide. Each tour lasts just under 4 hours and take up to 12 participants.

Meeting point is the service / emergency house after approx. 10 minutes walk on the path that is build up to Vegatrappa!

If you want climbing tours on other days or times, contact or or phone +47 468 32 540.

Airy, but still safe
Mission fulfilled!

Click the ‘date field’ to select your desired climbing date. Dates with available groups are clickable (ie without a dash above) and can be selected. Under ‘Time’, the available groups will be displayed.

Get in touch if your desired date / time has no available groups. There may be possible to set up new groups!

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On the way to the top